Intelligent Humidity Control System

Quite different control scenarios are benchmarked within milliseconds via the “Intelligent Humidity Control” system developed by Technowell, and the device can maintain its operation with optimal energy by choosing one of thousands of scenarios on the basis of a great number of humidity and temperature measurements performed by the device and set values.

A substantial part of the produced devices consists of tailor made devices, and they are built on understanding and solving the process. Our system measures more than 20 different air temperature and humidity parameters such as fresh air that can be delivered to the ambient, average conditioned air sent, ambient air, return air, air before regeneration, air after regeneration, etc. The “Intelligent Humidity Control", which establishes a deep correlation between the target working values and the working values required to be achieved, brings the ambient to the target value with its optimum working regime.

The relation between temperature and humidity mostly being inversely proportional to each other constitutes two thermodynamic data which are difficult and hard to be modelled. The lack of adequate control over these data, the failure to analyze the processes enough, and the dehumidification process requiring high costs often cause the customers to be unhappy. Or, we encounter with a performance where the "Average" is no longer unacceptable. 

Technowell aims to produce not only machinery and systems. It sets out on a long journey to tell its colleagues and other shareholders about the existence of a “Different and more comprehensive” solution through “Technowell Academy".




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