Pharmaceutical Facilities

Ventilation systems not designed well are not able to provide the desired performance. Cleanness, temperature and moisture of the ambient temperature should be adequate in order not to negatively affect the product quality, its effect on diseases or its stability. However, the ambient air contamination can be kept within certain limits with a good design.

During the design of the ventilation systems, the production processes to be carried out in these areas and the processes with contamination risks from the ambient air or can be negatively affected from temperature, humidity or particles, hygroscopic features of the product/product components, number of employees working in the environment and the way that the fresh air requirement of these individuals and comfort conditions such as temperature and humidity will be met, the ambient air critical indicators affecting the product quality, its effect on disease or its stability (temperature, humidity, particulate count, direction of air flow, etc.) are of great importance. The relative humidity in moisture-sensitive products to be between 30-50% is usually considered sufficient. TS 3419 requires the relative humidity to be between 30-40% in pharmaceutical production areas.

Timfog engineering provides project and consultancy services to partner companies not only in the humidification process but also comprehensive pharmaceutical production facilities and also supplies dehumidifiers within the scope of the project.

Humidification and evaporative cooling systems developed by Timfog Engineering offers a balanced and high standard solution for precise humidity and temperature control of the pharmaceutical production facilities. It is very importance to establish a continuous and persistent system and to sustain it for many years, especially in humidity control. The products that we produce and represent facilitate obtaining quality approval certificates for the pharmaceutical production facilities due to their high technical standards.




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