Package Hygienic Air Handling Units (With Gas Burner)

Technowell package hygienic air handling units are designed for the special areas at the hospitals and equipped with specific equipment to design an air flow capable of preserving the optimum temperature, humidity and personnel's and patients' health.

Frame and Panels

The electrostatic powder coated steel profiles constitute the main frame. Inner surfaces of the double-walled decorative panels are coated with 304 grade stainless steel sheet meeting the hygienic conditions. Outer surfaces are made of electrostatic powder coated galvanized sheet, and the rockwool of 50 mm is used for the panels. Panels and service doors are sealed with specially manufactured hygienic gaskets. There are no sharp edges to accumulate dirt on the inner surfaces of the device. The device can be easily

disinfected by washing or wiping. The device can be checked at any time through the sight glasses and lighting elements, and it enables servicing through its service doors.

Heat Recovery Unit

The air-to-air plate heat recovery exchanger or the Desiccant rotor is highly leak-proof. Device's energy efficiency was increased by saving the energy by 50% to 76% thanks to the    cross-flow movement of the fresh air and the exhausted air or the counter flow on the rotor.

Fans and Motors

As a standard, units use the high-efficiency, state-of-the-art compact EC plug fans. The fan motor has the electronic control to keep the flowrate and pressure constant according to the needs. Fans' performance is able to meet the static pressures inside and outside the device as well as the HEPA filter pressures.

Air Filter

A multi-stage and high-efficient filtration system is applied to purify the conditioned fresh air from the particles. The fresh air filters consist of G4 and G5 rough filters and F9 rigid bag filter, respectively. Additionally, a G4 grade filter is used at the exhaust air outlet. They ensure a 95-99% dust-free environment. The hygiene principles of DIN 1946 / 04: 2008 were considered in the leak tests. The filters can be easily detached from and attached to the stainless steel guides together with their stainless steel frames.

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Rotor

Precise humidity control is the most important feature of the hygienic air handling units. Therefore, both humidifying and dehumidifying properties are offered in these package devices as a standard. The entire control is conducted by the PLC system, and the system is able to automatically adapt itself to the conditions where hundreds of very detailed scenarios work together. The device is specially designed to keep the desired humidity and temperature ratio at the desired humidity level. Sometimes air is humidified during heating, and sometimes the device can operate in the dehumidifying mode. Compared to its competitors, the most significant property of it is that it offers the humidifying and dehumidifying properties together and ensures precise humidity control along with the temperature. Humidifying system uses the options of high-pressure humidification or vapor humidification.

Battery Evaporator:

The battery is manufactured with stainless steel cassettes and aluminum blades and copper pipes coated by anodic oxidation. All selected evaporators and condensers are designed to cover the conditions of Eurovent.


In the system, heating is provided through the high-capacity regeneration heat in natural gas burning devices depending on the device selected. Heat pump devices use the condensate heat as the heater. In this design, it is possible to add a hot water battery or electrical heater to the system in case of a failure.

Technowell's devices select the optimum operating scenario according to all air inlet/outlet temperature and humidity values at all stages by means of a very sophisticated control program.

Cooling Compressor

Reliable, durable, quiet hermetic scroll compressors are used. Compressor's cooling capacity was selected to operate in stages or proportionally according to the external air values by 100%. Compressors are activated and deactivated as needed. The number of the compressors can be 2 or more, and also they can operate with 2 or 3 circuits according to the evaporator and condenser side. It completely depends on the device capacity and design conditions.

Technowell uses eco-friendly and high-efficiency cooling fluids in its devices.

Cooling Circuit Elements

Drier, sight glass, thermostatic expansion valve and electronic expansion valve, high pressure pressurestat, low pressure pressurestat, liquid valve and superheat thermostat are available as a standard. All elements are out of the hygienic airflow.

Automatic Control and Electrical Panel (Ddc + Mmc)

The device is able to provide the indoor conditions for 18 /  24 °C by ± 1 °C tolerance and for 50% humidity design by % Rh ± 3 depending on the requested set values. Indeed, this is almost a precise control design and a remote control screen can be added for the distances up to 500 m. Humidity and temperature, pressure and flowrate, and filter fouling can be controlled.


The air-cooled condenser is the standard device model of Technowell. However, devices with water condensers suitable for very high outdoor air temperatures can be selected for very special projects. Condensers are equipped with quiet axial fans. Fans are activated together with the compressor by the pressurestatic control. The device has a compact type condenser, and the exhaust air is discharged by passing on the condenser. Axial or radial fans are used according to the device capacity values. Thus, low air temperature and high EER values are achieved. Each compressor has an independent cooling circuit. Secondary fans keep the compensation temperature constant by working proportionally to the high pressure.




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