In hospitals, ventilation systems must provide an airflow which is able to preserve the optimum temperature, humidity and personnel's and patients' health. Here, the balance between temperature and humidity is very important. For ventilation, particulate arresting filters are the other important components of the ventilation systems. The gas contamination in the air gradually increases during the air circulation in the hospital. Filtration alone is not adequate to clean the air. Therefore, a part of the circulated air must be replaced with the external fresh air to protect the health of the people at the hospital and ensure their comfort. Due to the additional properties for preventing the infections, the temperature, humidity control and filtration become very important in hospital ventilation systems. 

In hospitals, it is necessary to use different types of hygienic air handling units for different purposes at the places having significantly different purposes and air conditioning properties such as operating rooms, inpatient rooms, emergency rooms, delivery rooms and ICUs. Technowell's hygienic air conditioning units are produced to satisfy the high standards designed by the project companies. When delivering the clean air indoors after being hygienized by conditioning and filtering, hygienic conditions are ensured in the air quality by discharging the dust, microorganisms, odors and anesthetic gases in the ambient air. Also, the indoor parameters such as temperature, humidity, positive & negative pressure, etc. are kept under control. Technowell's Hygienic Air Conditioning Units group is mass manufactured with different flowrate, heating and cooling capacities.




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