Evaporative Cooling Units

Evapoarative cooling device developed by TECHNOWELL for thepurpose of cooling and humidification at factories, workshops, greenhouses andother large indoor areas, took its place among our other products as the secondpatented product of the company. EVAPORATIVE COOLING device is the product of a longterm study and works completely with evaporative cooling principle; it isdeveloped for factories, workshops, major indoor residential and businessareas.

Cooling and humidification systems used today operate by directly spraying water especially to air or ground or by passing the air through an aqueous medium by means of a fan. In addition to those, also centrifugal type humidifiers are used. We continue to work on cooling systems with freon gas and system efficiency is tried to be increased. The average COP rates in cooling systems such as chiller, heat pump air conditioning systems are between 2.5 and 3. The idea of utilizing adiabatic cooling for increasing the efficiency started to gain more and more importance.

What we actually do with the EVAPORATIVE COOLING device is to convert the regular air conditioning unit to a high-pressure fog unit and to control this unit with a special software developed by us, continuously checking indoor and outdoor air temperature and humidity values. The coefficient of performance (COP) we achieved with EVAPORATIVE COOLING is above all the averages and higher than 9. EVAPORATIVE COOLING which is 3 times (%300) more efficient than the regular conventional systems, is today being used at a lot of factories-workplaces and living spaces. As it can be seen from the temperature and humidity table above, it is capable of reducing ambient temperature by 5 C to 20 C. It has many properties advanced than other adiabatic applications. For example, the cooling-pad application used at many places, has disadvantages such as its performance under 80%, short durability of cellulose-based wet material and bacteria build-up over time. EVAPORATIVE -COOLING is a unique product with a performance up to 99% and it is designed especially for human living spaces in terms of hygiene and efficient control.




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