Electronic part manufacturing facilities / Data Centers

Oxidation is one of the most important problems of electronic circuits. And this is caused by the ambient humidity. Electronic devices and printed circuit boards are very sensitive to electrostatic discharge. The accurate humidity levels are quite important to prevent the damages resulting from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) means the sudden flow of the static electricity contained by two different objects between each other. It is the sudden electrical flow between two objects charged electrically due to contact. Although sparks are observed very rarely during this discharge, they do not occur frequently. However, electronic circuits can be heavily damaged at that time even without being noticed.
Keeping the ambient relative humidity at about %50 prevents static electricity formation. When this ratio drops too much, static electricity becomes a problem again. 
Humidity control in electronic production areas turns out to be a very important matter for the air conditioning engineers in terms of increasing the productivity and producing flawless parts. 




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