Dehumidification in Confectionary And Chocolate Factories

Finished product quality is very important in candy and chocolate production. The product passes through melting, boiling, shaping, cooling and packaging phases in confectionary production. The humidity level cannot be reduced adequately in the cooling tunnel only by cooling; therefore, a dehumidifier should be included in the production process. Otherwise, confectionary products can stick to each other and to the cooling tunnel as well as to their package when wrapping, and to the scales when weighing, and they become matte by losing their gloss. 

Crystallization and efflorescence of fat and sugar are the serious problems arising when storing these products. The reason for this problem is that the humidity ratio of the production or chocolate storage area exceeds 60%. Using dry air to cool the chocolate and other confectionary products not only reduces the cooling time, but also prevents possible condensation on the cooling tunnels and products. This increases the hygiene level and the products do not tend to stick or do not stick to the conveyor belt.

The commercially available cocoa powder used for chocolate production normally contains 5% humidity. A higher amount of humidity may cause mould growth during storage. Therefore, cocoa powder must be stored in moisture-proof packages at dry places. The relative humidity ratio should be lower than 65% when transporting and storing the chocolate. Efflorescence may occur on the product surface unless these conditions are met.  

Generally, all confectionary products are stored at cool and dry places away from direct sunlight. If the temperature is not above 22°C and the relative humidity is not above 60%, products keep their original quality until their expiry date. Particularly, the products packaged by wrapping and sold in bulk or paper packaged products are quickly affected by the extremely humid areas. As the chocolate and confectionary sales have seasonal properties and the demand reaches to its peak during winter and religious holidays, producer companies should create the suitable storage conditions such as the ideal relative humidity ratio in their warehouses, as well. Dipaz sorption type rotor dehumidifying wheel is offered to the use of the confectionary producers along with the cooling unit under hygienic conditions.




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