Dehumidification Desiccant Units (It Has Desiccant Rotor And High Rejeneration )

Precise humidity and temperature control is of vital importance particularly in industrial processes requiring high precision. Controlling the humidity and temperature in the application area by either heating or cooling the air is an extremely detailed and challenging task. Integrating applications which conflict with each other or don't support each other (e.g. dehumidifying by heating readily quite hot air and then cooling it) into a single air conditioning unit at the same time requires deep knowledge and experience.

Humidity and temperature control is carried out mainly in the following areas: 

•    Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, 
•    Storage facilities
•    Hospitals
•    Nano Technological Labs, Data Centers, Electronic equipment manufacturing plants
•    Special food manufacturing practices
•    Glass factories
•    Labs
•    Textile factories, 
•    Physical test centers
•    Data processing centers
•    Cold and frozen storage facilities
•    Shipyards and Shipbuilding industry
•    Glass Factories - Cardboard, Paper Factories
•    Industrial Paint Shops
•    Skating Rinks - Sports and Fitness Centers

Quite different control scenarios are benchmarked within milliseconds via the “Intelligent Humidity Control” system developed by Technowell, and the device can maintain its operation with optimal energy by choosing one of thousands of scenarios on the basis of the a great number of humidity and temperature measurements performed by the device and set values.
"Dehumidification desiccant Units" developed by Technowell have higher efficiency than their equivalent devices with their high capacity dehumidification features and superior performance in cooling and heating. This allows for the device to stand out from its competitors in terms of return of investment period.

All types of humidity and temperature control processes are analyzed and designed per its specific requirements by Technowell project group. These efforts made via accumulation of knowledge and experience gained in long years are repeated for almost every project and a complete "Tailor made" design and manufacturing processes are planned. This means a complete and effortless solution for end user.

 Technowell manufactures accurate and smooth devices with the humidity and heat recovery rotors which are imported and the best quality rotors in its class. Rotors are assessed and selected by our engineers following completely specific assessments. These rotors, all of which have Eurovent and European quality certificates, continue to serve at their users safely for years.

Low modulation premix burners used for humidity controlled rooftop air conditioning devices allow for dehumidifying desicant to operate at optimal temperature and have much longer lifetime. The flue system that is installed in a compact style to the device and can be easily extended via extension kits for various applications is one of privileged features of Technowell.




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