Dehumidification Desiccant Units (It Has Condens Rejeneration)

It manufactures devices to be used smoothly and safely for years via high quality brand and supplies for any type of heat recovery rotor, dehumidification desicants, cooling compressors, hot or cold faucets and a great number of other equipment and materials.

As for the past 16 years, it guarantees meeting your needs for any type of service and replacement parts through its after-sale international commissioning and service team, local service partners for many years in the future.

Technowell continues to provide service under different conditions and processes with its own brand and devices not only in Turkey but also mostly outside the country and in more than 30 countries throughout the world.

All types of humidity and temperature control processes are analyzed and designed per its specific requirements by Technowell project group. These efforts made via accumulation of knowledge and experience gained in long years are repeated for almost every project and a complete "Tailor made" design and manufacturing processes are planned. This means a complete and effortless solution for end user.

All the humidity controlled rooftop air conditioning devices are designed in a compact style and shipped to their destinations as dismantled into few main parts. Devices mounted via professional supervisors during montage are monoblock devices with ease of shipment and placement.
The biggest leverage of humidity controlled rooftop air conditioning devices against their competitor products is that they can control two air conditioning data simultaneously on the basis of set values without selecting either one of the concepts of humidity or temperature. Technowell ensures operation by harmonizing two air conditioning values with each other without compromising humidity for temperature or vice versa.




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