Dehumidification Desiccant-Cooling Units (It Has High Rejeneration )

Humidity control is an indispensable air conditioning control, especially for various industrial or commercial applications. Humidity control is of more critical importance than temperature control in the process itself, and in case of failure to control humidity, the product or equipment of the process might be seriously damaged or desired product might not be obtained. Considering that air conditioner was actually designed for the purposes of humidity control in a printing house in early 20th century for the first time, importance of humidity control can be understood once again.

As engineers and designers, we face with processes requiring performance of analyses and serious calculations every time to understand and sort out these systems which become increasingly more complicated with the addition of quite different equipments, flows and materials as well as the challenges of handling humidity and temperature control altogether. In fact, we analyze and sort this process out via different and process-adapted (Tailor-made) device designs in each case. Thus, dealing with locations and equipment with erratic reactions other than solely the thermodynamic knowledge and engineering definitely requires serious experience.
Having this serious experience and accumulation of knowledge and about 30 years of experience, Technowell stand out from its competitors due to its projects and designs responding the customer needs smoothly and completely at critical stages of humidity-temperature control.
It manufactures devices to be used smoothly and safely for years via high quality brand and supplies for any type of heat recovery rotor, dehumidification desicants, cooling compressors, hot or cold faucets and a great number of other equipment and materials.
Quite different control scenarios are benchmarked within milliseconds via the “Intelligent Humidity Control” system developed by Technowell, and the device can maintain its operation with optimal energy by choosing one of thousands of scenarios on the basis of the a great number of humidity and temperature measurements performed by the device and set values.
Optimal scenario selection in the “Intelligent Humidity Control” system developed by Technowell also provides the user with a wide range of usage opportunities. The end user can select humidity preferred and temperature preferred design ranges during the selection. Thus, the device can achieve correlation of humidity and temperature via very low energy consumption in recognized humidity and temperature range.
All types of humidity and temperature control processes are analyzed and designed per its specific requirements by Technowell project group. These efforts made via accumulation of knowledge and experience gained in long years are repeated for almost every project and a complete "Tailor made" design and manufacturing processes are planned. This means a complete and effortless solution for end user.

Technowell manufactures accurate and smooth devices with the humidity and heat recovery rotors which are imported and the best quality rotors in its class. Rotors are assessed and selected by our engineers following completely specific assessments. These rotors, all of which have Eurovent and European quality certificates, continue to serve at their users safely for years.
Low modulation premix burners used for humidity controlled rooftop air conditioning devices allow for dehumidifying desicant to operate at optimal temperature and have much longer lifetime. The flue system that is installed in a compact style to the device and can be easily extended via extension kits for various applications is one of privileged features of Technowell.
All the batteries selected and supplied are selected via special software of the best manufacturers of the batteries industry and outputs of selection are adapted to the Technowell selection program. Batteries are mounted so as to allow replacement and service within the devices.




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