Cold Storage Humidification Devices

The cold storage humidification device developed by TECHNOWELL MÜHENDİSLİK is listed as the first proprietary product of our company among our other products. It has been developed as a result of efforts for approximately 4 years and for the purpose of conducting industrial humidity control in cold storages. Today's cooling and humidification systems operate particularly through directly spraying water to air or ground or through having air pass through a wet environment with the help of a fan. Besides, centrifugal type humidifiers are also used. In high pressure humidification systems placed in front of the evaporator, there are issues such as spoiling the quality of the products due to the water drops dropped onto the products, continuing water drops from the nozzles when the system is shutdown, resulting disconnections at connection points due to freezing observed in the pipe transmitting water because of low temperature. When centrifugal type humidifiers are used, there are issues such as insufficiency of the systems in the cold storages in terms of capacity, expensiveness of the systems and not being able to connect to the central cold storage automation as well as not being able to be monitored centrally.

This recently developed product consists of internal unit in the environment to be humidified and the external unit, the humidifying device. The external unit pressurizes the water in the high pressure pump (50-100 bar) and delivers to the internal unit. Water dissolved by the nozzle collector here (into billions of drops with sizes of 5-15 microns) turns into a cold fog, is absorbed via fans by passing through drop retainer and delivered to the intended environment with a humidity ratio of up to 98% yet without any water drops. Thanks to the electronic board in the external unit, humidity sensor in the environment, internal unit humidity control board the equipments such as fan-resistance-pump-electric motor are controlled via software.

Large cold storages can be controlled from a central location by connecting multiple internal units to the external unit.

Developed particularly for multiple storage systems, this system can control each cold storage individually via a central control board and special software developed for cold storages. Stainless steel pipes and connection elements are used to withstand 100 bar or higher pressure in the Technowell fogging network. High pressure pipes are used at main line connections. Each of the fogging line, nozzles, connection elements, nozzle bodies are stainless. Press connection elements are used at Technowell cold storage systems. 

Manufactured via 316 stainless steel material, press connections provide the opportunity of reliable long life connection as well as remove the possibility of disconnection for the connection points in the piping network during extremely cold-hot temperature waves. The connections between internal and external units are made with hydraulic pipes with resistance up to 200 bar. Connection is such an easy connection with sleeves, and each unit can be disconnected individually at any time and used for another storage. Technowell cold storage Evaporative Air Conditioning systems enable the humidity acquired by the technique developed by Technowell engineers to be spread within the cold storage with the help of plenty of air. Cables with special resistance prevent freezing of the water in the pipes and nozzles. Capacities of the devices to be placed within the room are conceptualized by the size of the room and type of the product and designed as ready to use, packaged products.

Main units consist of 4 parts:
1-Pump unit
2-Filter and water assemblies
3-Electrical Board
4-Collector assemblies adjusted by the number of rooms. 

Main units are designed and manufactured per the fogging capacity identified on the basis of the project. There are capacities from 1.3 lt to 135 lt to choose from, based on the size of the project.




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