Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

In heatexchangers, the reason of condensation of the fluid to be cooled is the heatabsorbed by the ambient air sucked from the environment while passing by the condensersurface.

İncreasingambient air temperature, especially the extreme temperatures that occur duringthe summer cause the condensation temperature to rise and air conditioningsystems operate inefficiently. In such cases, sometimes temporary solutions aresought by hosing water on the condenser surfaces. However, these arelabor-intensive methods and not permanent solutions, they are not effective andcontinuous, and the inefficiency increases even more because of the latercalcification occurring on the Lamellar surfaces.

Although theconditions assumed for the region are considered while designing air handlingsystems, often selected ambient temperature and condensation values remainbelow the values observed in practice.

Fog system isboth applied as a rational and effective solution at facilities experiencingsuch problems and also ensures the condensation temperature to drop and thecompressor to consume less power by lowering the ambient temperature by 5-15°Ceven at high ambient temperatures calculated.




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