Air Conditioning Units Humidity Devices

It's conceptualized by TECHNOWELL MÜHENDİSLİK for all air conditioning unit manufacturers and can be designed by us with desired capacities and dimensions. Following table has a general notation for all TECHNOWELL External Units, and includes humidification units with groups of 1 or 5 pump(s) from 78 lt/h to 8100 lt/h. It's possible to select 
from here all external units including control board.

Solenoid valves placed for each line and installed for wide capacity range control in this combination help with identification of desired capacity. Placement of the nozzles on this cassette network system is completely made via help of spray zone analysis designed previously and simulated on the basis of the air conditioning unit dimensions.


Selection of the humidification qualities entirely depends on the air conditioning unit manufacturers and TECHNOWELL engineers evaluate the request received by them and then design a special purpose unit. To this end, following requests must be specified.


According to the properties specified, a cassette network system is designed with fully stainless material. In this system, each part is manufactured as a wing to be combined with the unit and these 4 parts to generate a frame are easily combined within the unit and fixed to the floor and walls of the unit.
Nozzles used are combined with a Technowell Mühendislik specific technique, and specifically tested under a pressure twice as the operating pressure (150 bar)
All the parts within the collector are stainless and can operate in accordance with the intended purpose for long years. The connection between Cassette Network system and the external unit can be easily made with 200 bar resistant special hydraulic hoses.


Such units are available for control via fixed or variable electronic card design according to the desired control structure. It's possible for an air conditioning unit manufacturer to control the humidification unit within the air conditioning unit via a dry contact output only. Then, humidification units perform the humidification with the specified capacity for the desired time period with the start or stop command given to it. However, if it's intended for the air conditioning unit to operate by the operating range, time, external temperature, return air temperature and desired set values, a variable electronic card needs to be used for the humidification unit. In this case, electric motors (thus pumps) driven with the help of one or multiple inverters will kick in within the specified scenario and set values range and keep running for a period desired.
Variable Controlled Electronic Card can communicate with the Air Conditioning Unit control board.




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