About Us

Our companies are founded by mechanical engineers and expert technical staff who bring together over 15 years of their experience. TECHNOWELL is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the field of air conditioning and dehumidification and humidification systems. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been providing engineering services for air conditioning in industrial and commercial areas for 15 years. It has completed more than 2.000.000 m2 area climate projects in different geographies of the world with engineers and technical specialists.

Our companies have implemented projects in climatization area in 30 different countries (China, Israel, Spain, Russia, India, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan…) of the world.
TECHNOWELL separates from other producers by performing humidity and temperature control at the same time. We provide project and engineering support in many different using areas with “The Intelligent Humidity Control “application we have developed. Our project department engineers are designing complex industrial or commercial air conditioning systems and provide their application.

TECHNOWELL, working in different climates and cultures of the world, will continue to work in the different process as a global producer-project and application engineering firm in the future as it was yesterday.




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